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 What is Developmental Editing?

A developmental edit is a process of analyzing and critiques the content and structure of your manuscript. This type of edit focuses more on the details of the plot, characters, and structure rather than the grammar, sentence structure, and readability.

What is Technical Editing?

A technical edit is a process of combing your manuscript for errors. The type of errors depends on the kind of editing. Copy editing or text editing looks for grammar, language and syntax errors. Line editing is a more intensive edit, looking for inconsistencies in the flow of ideas, tone, and style. Line editing also addresses redundancy and awkward sentence and paragraph construction.

What services do we offer?

We provide thorough feedback on a manuscript by analyzing such areas as characterization, dialogue, and plot holes. We also evaluate grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; as well as offer more in-depth editing. We can also focus on any particular areas you have a specific concern. See our Services section for details on services and pricing.